The proprietor of WordPress.com purchases Beeper, growing their portfolio with an additional chat application.

The proprietor of WordPress.com purchases Beeper, growing their portfolio with an additional chat application.## WordPress Parent Company, Automattic, Purchases Beeper: A Progression in Cross-network Messaging Applications

Owned by Automattic, who also own WordPress.com, Beeper, a cross-network messaging app, has been recently purchased. With this acquisition, Automattic kick-starts its second venture in the chat app market, the first being its purchase of Texts.com the year prior.

Beeper: Putting an End to the Waitlist

Beeper is recognized for its feature to aggregate all user chats in a single space and has been working to integrate features of Apple’s exclusive iMessage service. But, it recently conveyed that it has halted this pursuit. Notwithstanding, Beeper has interesting news to dispatch. The firm has abolished its waitlist, making the platform accessible to everyone. This decision follows after the application was tested by 115,000 contributors. Now, Beeper is prepared to invite the 466,000 users on its waitlist to avail of its service.

Beeper and Automattic: A Robust Coalition

The complete staff of Beeper will join Automattic and keep working independently. Eric Migicovsky, the inventor of Pebble smartwatch and co-founder of Beeper, is set to assume the role of head of messaging at Automattic.

Migicovsky shared his enthusiasm about the acquisition, saying he has known Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg for a number of years. He also inferred that Beeper is grateful to be supported by an organization famous for endorsing successful open-source ventures like WordPress, WooCommerce, Pocket Casts, and Simplenote.

Beeper and Texts.com: A Single Unified Framework?

In view of Texts.com’s similar mechanisms and its capability to integrate iMessage via an app operated on Apple systems, it’s feasible that Beeper and Texts.com could unify into a single platform. This amalgamation would be more in line with the mission statement of both the firms – providing a comprehensive chat solution.

Beeper’s Android App: Redesigned and Set to Go

The Android app of Beeper has been entirely revamped and is now publicly available. The app, now able to establish networks independently of a desktop, is more user-friendly and accessible than before.


The purchase of Beeper by Automattic denotes a significant adjustment in the chat app market. With the combined competencies of Beeper and Texts.com, Automattic is set to offer an integrated platform for all chat services. Although Beeper’s efforts to incorporate iMessage have come to a halt, their commitment to supplying a complete chat solution remains resolute.


Q: Who is the recent proprietor of Beeper?
A: Automattic, the firm behind WordPress.com.

Q: What purpose does Beeper mainly serve?
A: Beeper amalgamates all your chats from various platforms in one location and serves as a cross-network messaging application.

Q: Could Beeper and Texts.com form a single platform?
A: It’s not confirmed yet, but considering their analogous functionalities, it’s probable that Beeper and Texts.com will merge into a unified platform.

Q: Who will take up the position of Automattic’s head of messaging?
A: Eric Migicovsky, the co-founder of Beeper and inventor of Pebble smartwatch, will serve as Automattic’s head of messaging.

Q: Is Beeper now accessible to all users?
A: Yes, Beeper has abolished its waitlist and it’s now open to all users.