“Substitute for Illicit Nintendo Network Now Functions Without Jailbreaking”

Substitute for Illicit Nintendo Network Now Functions Without Jailbreaking## The Pretendo Network: Revitalizing Your Old Wii U Console

The Pretendo Network, a publicly accessible alternative to the Nintendo Network, recently divulged a substantial modification. It no longer necessitates a hacked Wii U console for functionality. This news is welcomed by many avid gamers after the disconnection of Nintendo’s servers for the now-disused console on Monday.

The SSL Exploit

The Pretendo Network has uncovered a means to link with its custom-built servers without the need to hack your console. This is possible due to an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) exploit, tagged as “SSSL”. SSL is a security protocol that cipher the connection between a server and a device, providing secure communication.

The SSSL exploit was discovered by the digger within the Pretendo Network. It grants access to the network merely with an elementary DNS alteration, which can be accomplished on the factory firmware. The Pretendo Network has held onto this exploit for an extended period, expecting Nintendo to release patches for it.

The Workaround: Restrictions and Limitations

While this workaround signifies a substantial advancement, it holds certain limitations. The Pretendo Network team has indicated that third-party titles which utilize their own SSL systems are not compliant with this workaround. This encompasses games like Watch Dogs, the YouTube application, and any software running an in-built browser like TVii, the eShop, and the Miiverse mini-app. However, the in-game Miiverse function continues to operate.

Prerequisite Firmware

Your Wii U must be on firmware version 5.5.5 or higher to use this workaround. In case your console operates on a lower version, you are likely still able to connect online to install the most updated version. The last Wii U firmware was unleashed by Nintendo in August 2022 when version 5.5.6 was launched.

Possible Future Enhancements

Although Nintendo has discontinued the Wii U and 3DS online servers, it still retains the capability to introduce novel firmware updates on the consoles. Given Nintendo’s resistance to device hacking, they could possibly update the Wii U to block the DNS workaround.


The workaround by The Pretendo Network grants your old Wii U with renewed functionality. Despite certain limitations, it furnishes a means to incessantly relish your top games without necessitating console hacking. It underlines the steadfastness and innovation of the game-playing community.


Q: Can you define the Pretendo Network?
A: The Pretendo Network presents a public source alternative to the Nintendo Network. It enables connectivity to its customized servers without having to hack your Wii U console.

Q: Could you explain the SSL exploit?
A: Also known as “SSSL”, the SSL exploit is a technique identified by the Pretendo Network. It enables connectivity to their network with a mere DNS alteration on the pre-installed firmware.

Q: Could you explain the workaround drawbacks?
A: The workaround isn’t compatible with third-party titles resulting from their unique SSL systems. This includes games such as Watch Dogs, the YouTube app, and any app using an in-built browser.

Q: Which firmware version should my Wii U be running?
A: To employ this workaround, your Wii U needs to be running firmware version 5.5.5 or beyond.

Q: Is it possible for Nintendo to continue releasing firmware enhancements for the Wii U?
A: Yes, Nintendo can still introduce updated firmware on their consoles, even after discontinuing the online servers for the Wii U and 3DS.