Samsung is set to release its inaugural smart ring, the Galaxy Ring, on July 24, priced at $399.

Samsung is set to release its inaugural smart ring, the Galaxy Ring, on July 24, priced at $399.## Samsung Reveals the Galaxy Ring: Ushering a New Age in Wearable Technology

Samsung has reinforced its technological prowess by introducing the latest innovation, the Galaxy Ring. Revealed at Unpacked 2024, this smart ring is set for a July 24 launch, priced at $399. As the first significant tech giant to venture into the smart ring market, Samsung aims to revolutionize health and fitness tracking with this new gadget.

The Advancement in Wearable Technology

Transition from Smartwatches to Smart Rings

Samsung has an extensive history of experimenting with various wearable designs. Recall the IconX earbuds with integrated heart monitoring? These innovations have consistently paved the way back to the Galaxy Watch. The debut of the Galaxy Ring marks a critical milestone, broadening Samsung’s wearable tech offerings.

Battling Oura

The smart ring idea isn’t entirely uncharted territory. Oura has dominated this category, establishing a benchmark for health and fitness tracking. However, Samsung’s foray into this realm is a disruptive move. The Galaxy Ring not only validates the smart ring concept but also aims to augment, not replace, the functions of existing devices like the Galaxy Watch.

Notable Features of the Galaxy Ring

Continuous Health Monitoring

A defining feature of the Galaxy Ring is its 24/7 health monitoring capability. Despite its small size and lack of a display, the ring provides thorough tracking, with a battery life lasting up to seven days, comparable to Oura’s offerings.

Advanced Sleep Tracking

The Galaxy Ring excels in sleep tracking, analyzing movement, heart rate, and respiratory rate to provide a sleep “score”. It also tracks sleep cycles by measuring skin temperature. Its compact design makes it a less intrusive option for sleep tracking compared to larger smartwatches.

Comprehensive Health Insights

Samsung uses its Galaxy AI to deliver holistic health insights and motivational support. Combining metrics from sleep, activity, heart rate during sleep, and heart rate variability, the Galaxy Ring offers a comprehensive health overview. Unlike Oura, Samsung currently provides these features without a subscription fee, making it a more appealing option.

The Future Outlook of Wearable Technology

Potential for Further Development

While the Galaxy Ring begins with passive health tracking, there is scope for incorporating more active tracking features and exploring other health metrics. Samsung’s dedication to innovation suggests the possibility of more advanced functionalities in future versions.

Competitive Advantage

Samsung’s choice to offer features without a subscription fee gives it a significant edge over Oura, which costs $6 monthly. This could attract a larger audience seeking cost-effective health tracking solutions.


The Galaxy Ring signifies a notable progression in wearable technology. By stepping into the smart ring market, Samsung has validated this form factor and set new benchmarks for health and fitness tracking. With its extensive features and competitive pricing, the Galaxy Ring is likely to become indispensable for health-conscious individuals.

Q&A: Essential Inquiries About the Galaxy Ring

Q1: When will the Galaxy Ring be released?
A1: The Galaxy Ring will be released on July 24.

Q2: What is the price of the Galaxy Ring?
A2: The Galaxy Ring is priced at $399.

Q3: What are the primary features of the Galaxy Ring?
A3: The primary features include 24/7 health monitoring, sleep tracking, and comprehensive health insights without a subscription fee.

Q4: How does the Galaxy Ring compare to Oura?
A4: Although both offer similar health tracking features, Samsung’s Galaxy Ring provides these without a subscription fee, offering a competitive edge.

Q5: What is the battery life of the Galaxy Ring?
A5: The Galaxy Ring offers a battery life of up to seven days.

Q6: Will there be future updates or expansions for the Galaxy Ring?
A6: While not confirmed, Samsung’s track record of innovation suggests potential future updates and enhanced functionalities.

Q7: Is the Galaxy Ring compatible with other Samsung devices?
A7: Yes, the Galaxy Ring is designed to integrate seamlessly with other Samsung health and fitness devices.

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