Samsung Broadens AirPlay Support in Hotel Rooms, Mirroring LG’s Strategy

## Samsung Expands AirPlay Availability in Hotel Rooms, Following LG’s Lead

### Introduction

In today’s world, where technology seamlessly integrates into our routines, convenience and connectivity have become essential. A significant technological advancement recently introduced is Apple AirPlay in hotel rooms. Announced with iOS 17 and introduced in iOS 17.3, Apple AirPlay enables guests to stream their preferred content directly to their hotel room TVs. This feature initially launched on LG TVs within IHG Hotels & Resorts. Now, Samsung is following suit by extending this feature to its smart TVs, starting with the HBU8000 model.

### Samsung’s AirPlay Rollout

Samsung has officially declared that its Hospitality TVs will now support Apple AirPlay, providing guests with a more personalized and connected experience during their stay. Although the company has not disclosed which hotel chains will receive this update, it confirmed that the feature will be incorporated as a software update for user convenience.

### How It Works

Guests can connect their iPhone or iPad to the Samsung Hospitality TV by scanning a unique, on-screen QR code. This secure and private connection allows guests to stream their favorite shows and movies, listen to personal playlists, view photos, practice presentations, play games, and more.

### Additional Features: LYNK Cloud and SmartThings Pro

Samsung’s Hospitality TV program offers more than just Apple AirPlay. It also includes LYNK Cloud and SmartThings Pro, enhancing connectivity. LYNK Cloud provides better business insights for hotel management, while SmartThings Pro aims to make hotel operations more streamlined and efficient.

### The Competitive Landscape

Samsung’s initiative follows LG’s previous adoption of Apple AirPlay in IHG Hotels & Resorts. This trend underscores a growing demand for smart technology in hospitality settings, aiming to make guests feel more at home by offering the same conveniences they have in their living rooms.

### Conclusion

The integration of Apple AirPlay into Samsung’s Hospitality TVs marks a significant advancement in the evolution of smart hotel rooms. By allowing guests to stream content directly from their iPhones or iPads, Samsung is improving the guest experience and setting a new benchmark in the hospitality industry. With additional features like LYNK Cloud and SmartThings Pro, Samsung is not only making life easier for guests but also offering valuable tools for hotel management.

## Question & Answer Session

### Q1: How do I connect my iPhone to a Samsung Hospitality TV using AirPlay?
A1: To connect your iPhone to a Samsung Hospitality TV using AirPlay, simply scan the unique, on-screen QR code displayed on the TV. This will establish a secure and private connection between your device and the TV.

### Q2: Which Samsung TV model will first support Apple AirPlay in hotel rooms?
A2: The first Samsung TV model to support Apple AirPlay in hotel rooms is the HBU8000.

### Q3: What additional features does Samsung’s Hospitality TV program offer?
A3: Besides Apple AirPlay, Samsung’s Hospitality TV program includes LYNK Cloud and SmartThings Pro for enhanced connectivity and business insights for hotel management.

### Q4: When did Apple first announce the AirPlay feature for hotel rooms?
A4: Apple first announced the AirPlay feature for hotel rooms with iOS 17.

### Q5: Are there any specific hotel chains that will receive this update from Samsung?
A5: Samsung has not specified which hotel chains will receive this update but has confirmed that it will be rolled out as a software update for ease of use.

### Q6: What functionalities does AirPlay enable in hotel rooms?
A6: AirPlay in hotel rooms allows guests to stream shows and movies from popular streaming services, listen to personal playlists on various music platforms, view photos, practice presentations, and play games directly on the TV.

By incorporating these advanced features, hotels are not only meeting the evolving expectations of their guests but also setting new standards for comfort and convenience in the hospitality industry.

Samsung Broadens AirPlay Support in Hotel Rooms, Mirroring LG's Strategy