Possible Upgrade for MacBook Pro M4 Expected in Late 2024

## The Future of MacBook Pro: M4 Upgrade Expected by 2024

Apple, the tech giant known for its innovative designs and cutting-edge technology, is reportedly planning to upgrade the MacBook Pro lineup with M4 chips by the end of 2024. This potential development is based on the production timelines of OLED screens, which are a crucial component in these devices.

The Launch Timeline

If the OLED screen production timetables are accurate, we could see the launch of these new MacBook Pros in the fourth quarter of 2024, just in time for the holiday season. This would be a strategic move by Apple to capitalize on the holiday shopping frenzy, a time when technology and gadget sales typically spike.

The Credibility of the Claim

The source of this leak is noted to be a highly accurate analyst. Often referring to the display supply chain, this analyst’s specialism has led to many previous predictions that turned out to be correct. While these leaks always need to be taken with a grain of salt, the analyst’s proven track record lends credibility to this claim.

Potential Other Updates: M4 Mac Mini and More

In addition to the potential MacBook Pro upgrade, there are also rumors about an M4 and M4 Pro Mac mini. These could potentially launch between the end of 2024 and early 2025.

Furthermore, updates to the MacBook Air, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro are said to be more likely for 2025 updates. These developments indicate that Apple continues to push technological boundaries and stay ahead of its competition in the tech industry.


With these potential updates, Apple continues to assert its position as a leading player in the tech industry. The expected upgrades in MacBook Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Air, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro are likely to bring significant advancements in performance and user experience. However, as with all leaks and rumors, it’s crucial to take this information with a grain of salt until confirmed by Apple.

Questions and Answers

Q: When is the MacBook Pro with the M4 chip expected to launch?
A: If the rumors are true, the MacBook Pro with the M4 chip is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Q: Who is responsible for leaking this information?
A: The leak comes from an analyst who is known for their accuracy and specialization in the display supply chain.

Q: What other Apple products are expected to be updated?
A: Alongside the MacBook Pro, other products like the Mac mini in M4 and M4 Pro versions, MacBook Air, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro are expected to receive updates between the end of 2024 and 2025.

Q: How credible is this leaked information?
A: While it’s important to take such leaks with a grain of salt, the analyst responsible for this information has a track record of accuracy. However, official confirmation will only come from Apple.Possible Upgrade for MacBook Pro M4 Expected in Late 2024