Meta is carrying out tests for cross-posting from Facebook to Threads.

Meta is carrying out tests for cross-posting from Facebook to Threads.## Meta’s Latest Strategy: Facilitating Content Sharing from Facebook to Threads

Meta, the parent organization of Facebook and Instagram, is strategically working to enhance the visibility of its text-based platform, Threads. Even though Threads boasts over 100 million users, it hasn’t quite garnered the public interest as much as Twitter, its key rival. Undeterred, Meta is currently experimenting with a feature that simplifies cross-posting from Facebook to Threads.

Experimenting with Cross-Posting

This fresh feature is currently under trial, and it’s intended to simplify the process for heavy Facebook users and content creators in sharing their thoughts, videos, and photos on Threads without exerting much extra effort. At present, some users are able to cross-post text and link posts from Facebook to Threads. However, there’s no confirmation yet whether Meta will roll out this feature in the long run or expand its scope to include images.

The Rationale Behind the Strategy

Meta’s strategy isn’t unexpected given that users have been able to simultaneously post stories and Reels to Facebook and Instagram for some time. Incorporating Threads into this equation seems a logical progression. TechCrunch received confirmation from Meta that they’re conducting the test, which is restricted to iOS and not available in the EU.

Opt-In Methodology

The opt-in methodology adopted by Meta is more reasonable than automatically broadcasting a user’s Threads posts on Facebook. This is due to the fact that users often portray different personas on Facebook and Instagram/Threads, even if they’re linked to the same account. They might not want a politically charged Threads post or an inappropriate joke appearing in their friends’ and family’s Facebook feeds. The opt-in method offers them the choice to post on both platforms.

Wrapping Up

Meta’s plan to enable cross-posting from Facebook to Threads is a strategic decision aimed at bolstering Threads’ visibility. While it’s still in the experimental phase, it underscores Meta’s dedication to cultivating Threads into a more popular platform. The opt-in strategy also respects user privacy and affords them control over the content they wish to share across platforms.


Q1: What is the new feature Meta is developing for Threads?

A1: Meta is in the process of testing a feature that facilitates easy cross-posting from Facebook to Threads.

Q2: What is the purpose of introducing this feature?

A2: The aim of this feature is to boost Threads’ visibility and simplify content sharing across platforms for users.

Q3: Is the feature accessible to all users?

A3: The feature is presently in the testing phase and is not accessible to all users. It is also limited to iOS and is not available in the EU.

Q4: Will all Threads posts be automatically posted on Facebook?

A4: No, Meta is employing an opt-in strategy, allowing users the choice to post on both platforms.

Q5: Can users cross-post images from Facebook to Threads?

A5: Currently, it’s unclear whether Meta will extend the feature to cover images. For now, some users can cross-post text and link posts from Facebook to Threads.