5 Social Marketing Strategies for Launching a New Product

launching a new product

The reach of social media today is massive. Considering the economy this medium provides, and the results it delivers, it’s a great pick to use it for marketing your product. Businesses have already realized the importance of integrating social media with their content, strategies and operations, and it can be just as effective for launching a new product.

Let’s take a look at the top ways in which social marketing can be used to draw maximum audiences towards the initiative.

#I’m Coming Soon

Don’t make a sudden entry. Prep the audiences in advance. Inform your target audiences that your product would be in the market soon enough. Place ‘Coming Soon’ messages on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites.


Create a buzz about the product. Contests are a good way to create this buzz among audiences. A contest will not only reinforce your product into your audiences’ minds, but also involve them with your brand. Publicize a contest relevant to the theme/ ideology of your product and publicize it on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platform.

You could also conduct this contest in an app. For instance, a racing app for a sports shoe brand. The winner of the online racing competition could win a reward on the day of the product launch.

#Teaser Campaign

Creating curiosity before a launch always pulls more gazes than just talking about your product directly. Coming out with a direct statement about the product is what most people do, and most people aren’t really attracted by this. The challenge is to intrigue them. Here are a few teaser ideas:

  • Post code names.
  • Post images, relevant to your product, evoking curiosity.
  • One-liners like ‘Look at me! Look at me!’
  • Reveal at a slow pace!

#Personal Videos

Audiences prefer videos more than long notes and descriptions. This is because it utilizes less of their attentional resources. Build a good, novel script relating to your product. Next, allocate equipments required to shoot the video. Try putting original music into your video as music helps direct emotions of audiences.

If your product is a video itself, creating a ‘behind-the-scenes’ video of funny or catchy instances is a good idea. For instance, if your product is a web series, a ‘behind-the-scenes’ video would be a good marketing tactic. Embed these videos directly into Facebook as the display looks better when uploaded directly.

#Easy Sharing

Word of mouth is considered one of the most powerful tools for marketing. In today’s digital ages, ‘sharing’ is an equivalent to the traditional word of mouth. Make it easy for people to share your posts, tweets and feeds. ClicktoTweet is a useful service in this respect.

Interact with audiences, respond to their comments and praises and build a bond with them. This goes a long way, as they will be the ones who will click the share button.


Social media complements the traditional approaches, PR efforts of companies and widens their reach to a great extent. The best results are seen when unique and innovative integrations of social media are applied before the launch.

How has your brand used social media to effectively build anticipation and excitement leading up to a product launch? Share your experiences with us.