iOS 17.6 Beta 2 has been released, revealing hidden iPhone features within the code.

## iOS 17.6 Beta 2 Unveiled: Discovering New iPhone Features

Apple fans have something to look forward to with the release of iOS 17.6 Beta 2 for developers. Although the tech buzz is shifting toward the eagerly awaited iOS 18, the features in iOS 17.6 are set to bring significant updates for iPhone users. This beta version teases several promising enhancements aimed at elevating user experience.

### Introduction of Lost Mode for Apple Pencil Pro

Apple is making an innovative move by adding Lost Mode for the Apple Pencil Pro within the Find My app. This feature aims to help users locate their missing Apple Pencil Pro, offering peace of mind and ensuring their productivity tools are always accessible.

#### Functionality of Lost Mode

Lost Mode for the Apple Pencil Pro operates similarly to the existing Lost Mode for other Apple devices. Once activated, users can track their Apple Pencil Pro’s location via the Find My app, making it easier to find if it gets lost or misplaced.

### New Capability to Remove Devices from Repair Mode

Another significant addition in iOS 17.6 Beta 2 is the option to remove devices from Repair Mode through the Find My app. Presently, users cannot disable Repair Mode remotely, which can be a hassle. This new feature simplifies the process, enabling users to manage their devices more efficiently.

#### Advantages of Remote Repair Mode Deactivation

This feature offers enhanced convenience by providing greater control over devices. Whether a device was accidentally left in Repair Mode or is ready for use again, users can now make these adjustments without needing physical access to the device.

### Live Activity Integration for Apple News+

Apple is enhancing its Apple News+ service with Live Activity support for both the Home Screen and Lock Screen. This update will enable users to stay updated with real-time information on games and news stories directly from their Home or Lock Screen, making it easier to stay informed.

#### Benefits of Live Activity Integration

With Live Activity support, users can receive real-time updates without constantly opening the Apple News+ app. This functionality ensures that important news and updates are readily accessible, boosting user engagement and satisfaction.

### Improved Filtering in the Messages App

iOS 17.6 Beta 2 also introduces better filtering options within the Messages app. This new feature allows users to filter unknown senders, including international ones, thereby more effectively reducing spam and unwanted messages.

#### Enhanced Message Management

By expanding the filtering capabilities to include international messages, Apple provides users with more robust tools to manage their inboxes. This update is especially useful for users who receive a high volume of messages from unknown or international contacts.

## Summary

The iOS 17.6 Beta 2 provides a range of exciting features and improvements designed to enhance user experience and device management. From the innovative Lost Mode for the Apple Pencil Pro to improved message filtering and Live Activity support for Apple News+, these updates reflect Apple’s ongoing commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and user-friendly features.

## Q&A Section

### What is Lost Mode for Apple Pencil Pro?

Lost Mode for Apple Pencil Pro is a new feature in iOS 17.6 Beta 2 that lets users track their Apple Pencil Pro through the Find My app if it’s misplaced or lost.

### How can I remove a device from Repair Mode in iOS 17.6?

With iOS 17.6 Beta 2, you can now disable Repair Mode on a device via the Find My app, giving you more control over your devices remotely.

### What is Live Activity support in Apple News+?

Live Activity support in Apple News+ allows users to get real-time updates on games and factual stories right on their Home or Lock Screen without needing to open the app.

### How has message filtering improved in iOS 17.6?

iOS 17.6 Beta 2 introduces an enhanced filtering option within the Messages app, allowing users to filter unknown senders, including international ones, thereby better reducing spam and unwanted messages.

### When will iOS 17.6 be available to the public?

The exact release date has not been confirmed yet, but iOS 17.6 is expected to be available to the public after completing its beta testing phase.

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iOS 17.6 Beta 2 has been released, revealing hidden iPhone features within the code.