Google and Apple to Resume Australian Lawsuits Against Epic Games

## Google and Apple Set to Battle Epic Games in Australian Courtroom

Tech giants Google and Apple are set to resume their suspended legal battle against Epic Games in Australia. The feud, which revolves around the popular game ‘Fortnite’, was initially taken to Australian courts by Epic Games in 2020. However, the case was delayed until the conclusion of the U.S. version of the dispute.

The American litigation is now almost entirely concluded, paving the way for the Australian courtroom action to recommence. This time, Apple isn’t the only company under fire from Epic Games; Google is now also part of the same trial.

Consolidated Hearings for Efficiency

Justice Jonathan Beach has decided that both cases, along with a class-action lawsuit run on behalf of developers and consumers, should be heard simultaneously. This decision was made in an effort to avoid duplicating witness evidence, which will include many high-profile individuals from all three companies. This approach is likely to streamline the legal process and reduce redundancy.

High-Profile Witnesses and Extended Timeline

Much like its U.S. counterpart, the Australian trial is expected to feature prominent figures from Apple and Google. Many are reportedly already in Melbourne preparing for the hearing. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney is also allegedly in attendance.

The evidence period is set to last three months, followed by two weeks of closing submissions. The courtroom action is anticipated to conclude in mid-July. However, a judgment from Justice Beach isn’t expected within six months of the trial’s conclusion.


As two of the world’s biggest tech companies face off against a major gaming company, the industry and consumers alike will watch closely. A decision against Apple and Google could have significant implications for app developers and digital marketplaces. This case will likely set a precedent for future disputes involving tech giants and smaller firms challenging perceived monopolies.

Questions and Answers

1. What is the nature of the dispute between Epic Games, Apple, and Google?

The dispute centers around Epic Games’ popular game ‘Fortnite’. Epic Games has accused both Apple and Google of monopolistic practices in their respective app stores.

2. Why are these lawsuits important?

These cases are significant because they may set a precedent for future disputes between tech giants and smaller companies. They could potentially reshape how digital marketplaces operate.

3. Who are some of the high-profile witnesses expected to appear in the trial?

Prominent figures from Apple, Google, and Epic Games, including Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, are expected to provide witness evidence.

4. When can we expect a judgment on the case?

The judgment from Justice Beach isn’t expected within six months of the trial’s conclusion, which is scheduled for mid-July.

5. How will this trial affect consumers and developers?

If Epic Games wins, it could pave the way for more competition in digital marketplaces, potentially resulting in lower prices and more choices for consumers. Developers might also benefit from a more competitive marketplace.Google and Apple to Resume Australian Lawsuits Against Epic Games