Formal Declaration: Delta Game Emulator set to launch a version for iPad.

Formal Declaration: Delta Game Emulator set to launch a version for iPad.## Upcoming Release: Delta Game Emulator for iPad

The successful Nintendo emulator known as Delta, currently available on the App Store for iPhone, is now being modified for use on iPad. The app’s creator, Riley Testut, has recently announced that the focus is now on developing an iPad-optimized version, thanks to Apple’s amended view on game emulators.

Delta Emulator iPad Version: Almost Done

It has been reported that the completion of the iPad version of the Delta emulator is imminent. Those who subscribe to Testut’s Patreon have already been granted access to it through the AltStore, a secondary marketplace developed by Testut for the purpose of sideloading iOS and iPadOS apps. Meanwhile, the iPad version will be part of the next significant update to Delta, version 1.6, for those who are willing to wait.

Testut also offered a preview of the emulator’s iPad performance. The Delta emulator was launched as the successor to Testut’s Game Boy Advance emulator, GBA4iOS, and it supports an array of Nintendo systems, such as NES, SNES, N64, and DS.

Final Adjustments and New Additions

At present, the team is addressing some bugs and completing controller skins before officially releasing the iPad version. Beside these last-minute tweaks, they’re also developing a device-to-device multiplayer feature.

SEGA Genesis Emulator: On the Horizon

As an extra treat, Testut disclosed plans for a SEGA Genesis emulator. Despite still being in beta, it’s expected to launch “soon-ish”, presenting another interesting feature to anticipate.


The launch of the Delta emulator for iPad is thrilling news for game lovers. The change in Apple’s attitude towards game emulators has paved the way for developers like Testut to deliver classic gaming experiences to new-age devices. The proposed SEGA Genesis emulator augments the range of retro gaming options on iOS devices even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can we expect the Delta emulator for iPad to be launched?
A: While the specific release date hasn’t been revealed, it is understood to be “nearly done”.

Q: How can I currently access the Delta emulator for iPad?
A: It’s accessible through the AltStore to those who subscribe to Testut’s Patreon.

Q: Which Nintendo systems are supported by the Delta emulator?
A: The Delta emulator is compatible with NES, SNES, N64, and DS.

Q: What exactly is the AltStore?
A: The AltStore is a separate marketplace that Testut created for sideloading iOS and iPadOS apps.

Q: Is a SEGA Genesis emulator also being developed?
A: Yes, Testut confirmed that a SEGA Genesis emulator is under development and should be available “soon-ish”.