Enthusiastic about the Integration of Reminders and Calendar in iOS 18

## Integration of Reminders and Calendar in iOS 18

Apple has always been an innovator in the world of technology. This time, they have introduced a much-awaited feature in their latest version of the operating system, iOS 18. The Calendar and Reminders apps, which are integral components of Apple’s ecosystem, are now linked and can communicate with each other. This feature has been long-awaited by many Apple users who prefer the simplistic nature of these apps over their more feature-rich counterparts like Google Calendar and Google Tasks.

Apple’s Simplicity vs Google’s Productivity

Apple’s built-in Calendar and Reminders apps are known for their simplicity. They provide basic functionality and are easy to use, making them an ideal choice for users who prefer a straightforward approach to scheduling and task management. On the other hand, Google’s productivity apps offer a more feature-rich experience. They allow users to schedule meetings, set reminders, and manage tasks all in one place. However, until now, Apple’s apps operated independently, failing to communicate with each other.

The Gap in Appleā€™s Apps

Despite their ease of use, there was always one glaring gap in Apple’s Calendar and Reminders apps: they did not communicate with each other. If you created a reminder with a date on it, it would not show up in the Calendar app. This lack of integration felt inconsistent and was a major drawback compared to Google and Microsoft apps, which have had this feature for quite some time.

The Big Reveal at WWDC 2024

The World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 brought exciting news for Apple users. The tech giant finally announced that the Calendar and Reminders apps would now be able to talk to each other. The Calendar app will not only show tasks from the Reminders app but will also allow users to create, edit, and complete reminders directly from the Calendar. This integration marks a significant step forward in Apple’s app development, bringing it up to par with its competitors.


The integration of the Calendar and Reminders apps in iOS 18 is a significant improvement, bringing convenience and enhanced functionality to Apple users. It bridges the gap that existed in Apple’s ecosystem, aligning it with its competitors’ offerings. This update is a testament to Apple’s commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.


Q: What is new in iOS 18’s Calendar and Reminders apps?

A: In iOS 18, Apple has finally integrated the Calendar and Reminders apps. They can now communicate with each other, which means tasks created in the Reminders app will show up in the Calendar app.

Q: How does the integration of Calendar and Reminders compare to Google’s productivity apps?

A: Previously, one of the major differences between Apple’s and Google’s offerings was the lack of communication between the Calendar and Reminders apps in the Apple ecosystem. With this update, Apple has bridged that gap.

Q: Can I create and edit reminders directly from the Calendar app in iOS 18?

A: Yes, with the new update, you can create, edit, and even complete reminders directly from the Calendar app.

Q: Was the integration of Calendar and Reminders a feature requested by users?

A: Yes, many users had been waiting for this feature for a long time. The integration makes scheduling and task management more seamless and efficient.

Q: How does this update affect those using both Google and Apple apps?

A: For users who use Google apps for work and Apple apps for personal tasks, this update can bring about a more streamlined experience while using Apple apps. It brings the simplicity of Apple’s apps closer to the feature-rich experience provided by Google’s productivity suite.Enthusiastic about the Integration of Reminders and Calendar in iOS 18