Early Prime Day Deals Feature Echo Show 5 for Only $50

Early Prime Day Deals Feature Echo Show 5 for Only $50## Amazon Prime Day 2023: Early Deals and Essential Gadgets

Amazon Prime Day is quickly approaching, officially starting on July 16. However, savvy shoppers can already find some fantastic early deals. Among the noteworthy offers are substantial discounts on Amazon’s Echo Show smart displays. Whether you’re looking to enhance your smart home setup or find an ideal gift, these deals are too good to ignore.

Echo Show 5: A Compact Smart Display with Impressive Features

Why the Echo Show 5 Shines

Currently on sale for $50, down from $90, the Echo Show 5 is a smart display that has been featured on many “best of” lists for good reasons. Despite its 5.5-inch screen being smaller than the Echo Show 8, its compact size is perfect for tight spaces such as desks or nightstands.

Ideal for Your Nightstand

One of the Echo Show 5’s highlight features is its functionality as an alarm clock. The ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the screen brightness, offering a gentle wake-up experience. Additionally, the tap-to-snooze option allows you to enjoy a few more minutes of rest.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Equipped with a camera for video calls, the Echo Show 5 might raise privacy concerns. To alleviate this, Amazon includes a physical camera cover with the device. You can slide the cover over the lens when the camera is not in use to ensure your privacy.

Sound Quality

While the Echo Show 5 includes many great features, its speakers are not as powerful as those on larger smart displays. It may not be ideal for your next dance party, but it delivers adequate sound quality for everyday needs.

Echo Show 8: Larger Screen, Bigger Savings

Unprecedented Low Price

The Echo Show 8 is also available at a significant discount, now priced at $85—a record low. Its 8-inch screen offers more display area, making it excellent for watching videos, following recipes, and making video calls.

Prime Day Shopping Advice

Prepare in Advance

With numerous deals available, it can be overwhelming. Make a list of items you’re interested in and set a budget to help avoid overspending.

Compare Prices

Before purchasing, compare prices at different retailers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Some stores might offer price matching or additional discounts.

Read Reviews

User reviews can provide valuable insights into a product’s performance and reliability. Taking the time to read reviews before purchasing ensures you are getting a quality item.


Amazon Prime Day is a great opportunity to secure fantastic deals on tech gadgets and smart home devices. With the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 both available at unbeatable prices, now is the ideal time to upgrade your smart home setup. Happy shopping!

Q&A Section

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an annual shopping event for Amazon Prime members, offering significant discounts on various products, including electronics and home goods.

When does Amazon Prime Day start?

This year, Amazon Prime Day officially begins on July 16.

Are there early deals available?

Yes, some early deals are already available, such as discounts on the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8.

Is the Echo Show 5 suitable for video calls?

Yes, the Echo Show 5 has a camera for video calls and includes a physical camera cover to address privacy concerns.

How does the Echo Show 5 operate as an alarm clock?

The Echo Show 5 features an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts the screen brightness and a tap-to-snooze function for added convenience.

What are the main differences between the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8?

The primary difference is screen size; the Echo Show 8 has an 8-inch screen compared to the Echo Show 5’s 5.5-inch screen. The Echo Show 8 also provides better audio quality and is more suitable for watching videos and making video calls.

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