Dismantling the M4 iPad Pro shows a more user-friendly battery and suggests a possible Tandem OLED design.

Dismantling the M4 iPad Pro shows a more user-friendly battery and suggests a possible Tandem OLED design.## Dissection of M4 iPad Pro: A Glimpse into Apple’s Newest Technology

The latest M4 iPad Pro from Apple has recently been dissected by iFixit, delivering intriguing observations about the technological powerhouse’s fresh innovation. While the dissection confirmed that the iPad Pro remains demanding to repair, it also demonstrated a substantial improvement in its accessibility as compared to its forerunner.

Dual OLED Display

The “Dual OLED” display is notably one of the unique features of the M4 iPad Pro. This fresh technological advancement, previously discussed in our review, makes an exciting addition to the iPad Pro’s capabilities. However, the dissection video provided a more detailed look into this new technology without revealing any uncharted knowledge.

Increased Strength

The dissection further unearthed two metal supports running down the middle of the iPad, possibly adding to its resilience. Notwithstanding apprehensions that the new iPad Pro’s slimmer design may undermine its sturdiness, endurance assessments demonstrated otherwise. These supports could play a crucial role in making the iPad Pro more robust.

More User-Friendly Battery

The 13-inch M4 Pro iPad’s battery has been slightly reduced from 40.33 Wh to 38.99 Wh. Despite being reduced in size, it has been discovered to be more user-friendly than earlier models. Although battery removal still entails dealing with screws and pull-tabs, it can be done now without having to disassemble several other components. This indicates a remarkable upgrade in the device’s reparability.

Apple Pencil Pro: Difficult to Repair

Whereas repairability has improved in the iPad Pro, the same cannot be stated for the Apple Pencil Pro. The dissection video by iFixit demonstrated that fixing this $129 object is nearly unfeasible due to its intricate structure and the accuracy needed to avert irreversible damage.


The dissection of the M4 iPad Pro has granted invaluable glimpses into Apple’s latest tech innovation. While the device continues to be demanding in terms of repairs, advancements have apparently been made in both accessibility and durability fronts. The same, however, is not true for the Apple Pencil Pro, which remains problematic to repair.

Questions and Answers

Q: What constitutes the Dual OLED Display?
A: The Dual OLED Display is a fresh advancement featuring in the M4 iPad Pro. It delivers superior image quality compared to standard LCD screens.

Q: Has there been a change in the battery dimension in the new iPad Pro?
A: Yes, the 13-inch M4 iPad Pro’s battery is now slightly smaller than the previous model, with a capacity of 38.99 Wh as opposed to 40.33 Wh.

Q: Is the newer iPad Pro models more robust than its predecessor?
A: Despite being slimmer, the recent iPad Pro appears to maintain strength and durability according to tests. This is possibly due to the dual metal bracers extending through the middle of the device.

Q: Is it easy to mend the Apple Pencil Pro?
A: No, repairing the Apple Pencil Pro is notably challenging due to its intricate structure and the accuracy required to preclude irreversible damage.