Is Your Brand a Millennial Enabler?

At lonelybrand, we’re all about learning and growing through digital tools. And we’re firm believers in learning by doing. That’s why we’ve invited the youngest employees to voice their opinions and share their thoughts in a new weekly series. Please join @aleecunni (Alanna) and @supershara (DeShara) as they explore subjects in digital communications from a fresh perspective.

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“We want results, and we want them now.”

As technology evolves, so does the way we perceive the world. And for Millennials (or Gen Y’ers) like us, it’s all about immediacy. Cooking is no longer a skill we need to know. We can walk into a store and buy an array of different meals, pop ‘em into a microwave and voila! Let there be food! We want the latest software right now, so we hop onto the app store and make it happen. In fact we want everything we need in the matter of seconds without hassle or fuss. And you know what? Smart brands are enabling us.

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and others  have become the “microwave” social media tools of the Internet for the Millennial generation. As you already know, it’s all about instant gratification.

Our generation isn’t interested in the procedure, just in the results. Social platforms have magnified that proclivity. Why does anyone need to watch the news when you can just follow @CNN, @Chicagotribune, and @nytimes to be advised on the latest happenings around the world? If you don’t follow the news Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Facebook and Flipboard provide a quick injection of all things pop culture. From what time @rihanna will be in Chicago and where, to @realskipbayless taking countless shots at athletes. We can go #0ccupywallstreet or find a local deal for lunch. Whatever your vice, undoubtedly there’s a quick way to get your fix.

Let’s get back to those smart brands we talked about earlier. We defined some of our generational characteristics above. Let’s take a quick look at how our own experience with technology and immediacy has evolved.

@aleecunni: “I’m relatively new to the world of social media beyond Facebook, and it’s taken some time to embrace it. To tell the truth things like Twitter were kind of perplexing. I didn’t really understand it. To be more specific, I didn’t have an understanding of the immediate benefits. Some of my recent endeavors may seem a little unhealthy (like stalking @dannykass) but a lot of utility comes from it too. I stay current on a large variety of interests, and people can also see and comment. Its a simple way to keep up with the tangle of current information.”

@supershara: “Unlike Alanna, I’ve been on Twitter since 2009 and witnessed its evolution. I used to use Twitter as a tool to keep up with other Millennial friends, but now I use it for professional networking and info that’s hard to find on other platforms. It’s the instance gratification of knowing what my favorite celebrity is doing right now, or seeing pics of the final walk from Paris Fashion Week taken by my favorite fashion blogger.”

Remember that comment earlier about smart brands? We don’t want to leave you hanging. If there is a point to this diatribe on the Millennial mindset it’s this: Millennials will take the digital path of least resistance. We’ll seek out ways to get information and buy products quickly and easily. And if we can’t figure it out right away we’re on to the next. The brands we love the most work everyday to reduce resistance. They enable us to reduce cognitive overhead and get to what we want. They make us faster, better, stronger.

Has your company built a digital process to connect with Millennials?