Best Wireless Earbuds UK 2021 Edition: Top British Earbuds Tested

What are the best Bluetooth earbuds in the UK? Not an easy challenge considering the thousands of products littering store shelves. Our reviewers have risen to the task and rounded up the top earphones being sold today in the UK. We then created some straightforward categories to help you make an informed decision.

Our criteria for testing follows a few simple rules:

  • Must be available in the UK for quick delivery via Amazon.co.uk
  • Must demonstrate outstanding performance in more than one category
  • Must be affordable earbuds based on materials and features

Now let’s crack on and get to the list…

Editor’s Choice: Mifo O5 PLUS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds – £89.99 on Mifo.co.uk

It may come as a surprise that upstart brand Mifo has topped the charts with their latest model, the O5. And once we got our hands on the product, we started to understand exactly why.

bluetooth 5.2 earbuds
Best UK earbuds on sale

Mifo O5 PLUS Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds – £89.99 with free delivery in the UK on Mifo.co.uk

Best in class sound in the truly wireless category. Our lab techs have made frequent complaints about the sound quality produced by other truly wireless earbuds. Not so with Mifo. The O5 has sound to spare, with crisp high tones and deep, rumbling bass.

Absolutely brilliant battery life. Mifo claim that the O5 will reach 7 hours of continuous play time on a single charge. Our tests showed we could extend that time to up to 7 hours and 15 minutes. That’s brilliant for true wireless earbuds. Add to that the included charging case, which contains a battery powerful enough to recharge the O5s for 100 more hours of use. That means you can go without a charge listening for hours on end every day of the week.

Total immersion with passive noise canceling. Thanks to an included 7 sets of ear tips in various sizes and shapes, our testers were able to create a perfect seal no matter their ear type. That greatly removes ambient noise while enhancing sound quality. It’s our biggest complaint when using Apple’s popular AirPods, as they hang in your ear rather than make a perfect seal.

Bluetooth 5 chip is a welcome upgrade to wireless earbuds. If you have been frustrated in the past by spotty Bluetooth signals that cut in and out, or lag between videos and sound transmission you will be pleased to know Bluetooth 5 has fixed those issues. We tested the signal through walls and around the office, typically being able to move 20 meters away from the connected Bluetooth device with no interference. Smart pairing tech also ensures the earbuds are ready to go the moment you remove them from the case.

Elegant, well-engineered design. Lastly, design conscious buyers will appreciate the solid, turned aluminum construction with smooth edges and elegant color schemes. Mifo have thought of it all, even placing subtle red coloring on the right earbud and blue for the left. These sorts of things usually don’t impress us, but combined with excellent sound and no expenses saved on materials, we believe Mifo O5 fully deserves Editor’s Choice placement.

Best Budget Wireless Earbuds: FitWare BX Sports Earbuds – Check price on Amazon.co.uk

The American company FitWare have recently begun selling their popular BX wireless earbuds model in the UK, and we couldn’t be happier. The only way to get these in the past was to pay nearly twice the price to buy from websites willing to ship internationally. Now everyone in the UK can enjoy the best wireless earbuds under £20.

FitWare BX Earbuds UK
Best Sports Wireless Earbuds UK


FitWare BX Wireless Earbuds – Check price with free delivery in the UK on Amazon.co.uk

The best value in wireless earbuds. That’s a bold statement, but there’s no doubt that for the price we can’t find better. The FitWare BX feature excellent styling, dynamic sound, and a number of extras that seem like they should add more to the price. Combined with excellent sound and call quality, and these wireless earbuds should be at the top of any bargain hunter’s list.

Sporty, smart design. FitWare have thought of everything when creating wireless earbuds for runners, movers, and shakers. Everything from flat cabling to large, easy to press buttons and even magnetic clasps make it simple to wear and utilise the BX when on the go. To top it off, the ear tips and fins are removable with alternate sizes included to ensure the best fit.

Water proof, sweat proof, and dust proof. When wireless earbuds go out in the elements, there’s a certain inevitability. Drops, spills, and general mishaps tend to befall sensitive electronics. That won’t be a problem here. FitWare has designed the BX to stand up to just about anything and bounce back.

Bluetooth 4.1 may be a bit behind the times. While many (albeit more expensive) wireless earbuds have moved to Bluetooth 5, FitWare have decided to stay with an older chipset. While signal remains strong and sound quality uninterrupted, we would like to see the option for the latest tech, even if it comes at a higher price.

Best Wireless Earbuds for Making Calls: Apple AirPods II – Check price on Amazon.co.uk

While Apple has a storied history of creating iconic ear gear, the second edition of Apple’s wireless AirPods took nearly two years to get to market. The latest model doesn’t innovate on visual design, but offers some additional features that may be worth the price for those who need to make telephone calls often.

Best UK earbuds for making calls


Apple AirPods II Wireless Earbuds – Check price with free delivery in the UK on Amazon.co.uk

Superior calling capabilities. Apple spent nearly two years engineering the successor to what are arguable the first true wireless earbuds to go mainstream. The iconic white buds hang in your ears and feature several microphones on each bud. That means better voice transmission and less interferences from ambient noise. When making calls, AirPods lead the pack.

Wireless charging case. While the total battery output is passable, the latest AirPods feature a case that charges wirelessly, making one aspect of daily recharging somewhat hassle free. While we would prefer to not have to charge as much at all, the wireless solution is acceptable. Keep in mind to take advantage of this feature you’ll need a wireless charging pad compatible with the AirPods.

Pricey for what you get. You’ll pay a duty to wear the Apple badge. At nearly £200, Apple’s wireless earbuds solution is far and away the most expensive product on our list. It fails to beat out other products in terms of battery life, durability, and overall construction. But if you want call clarity to be absolutely superb, the cost may be worth the drawbacks.

Music sounds mediocre. While the AirPod II features a unique, hanging shape that feels comfortable even after long periods of use, that design works against the product when it comes to music. Bass in particular is weak compared to other offerings. If music is your preferred medium, you may want to pass on the AirPods II in favor of a product that creates a tighter seal with your ear.