Apple Shifts Focus to CarPlay Strategy Following ‘Apple Car’ Project Deployment

# Apple’s New Direction: The Next-Generation CarPlay

The Shift from Apple Car to CarPlay

Apple’s automotive aspirations have taken a new turn, with the focus now shifting from the ‘Apple Car’ project to the next-generation CarPlay technology. This comes in the wake of Apple’s auto project, which was scrapped after facing numerous hurdles. The technology giant’s attention has now turned towards enhancing its CarPlay system and strengthening its relationship with automakers.

What is the Next-Generation CarPlay?

Unveiled in the summer of 2022, the next-generation CarPlay concept from Apple offers an innovative approach to automotive infotainment. However, only Porsche and Aston-Martin have committed to this new product so far. Unlike the first-gen Android Auto, this concept runs on the iPhone, providing flexibility but limiting licensing opportunities. This new version of CarPlay offers extended functionality, including control over vehicle hardware such as the climate system.

The Rise of Android Automotive

While Apple is focusing on high-end carmakers for its next-gen CarPlay, Google has been successful in getting more automakers to sign up for its built-in Android Automotive technology. Major players like BMW, Ford, General Motors, and Volkswagen are all offering Android Automotive as an option for car buyers. However, CarPlay still enjoys industry support due to the preference of iPhone-owning car buyers.

The Future of CarPlay

Despite the shift in focus, Apple does not currently plan to monetize the new CarPlay system by charging manufacturers or offering a paid tier for users. Instead, they are working with each manufacturer to create a bespoke version tailored to their vehicles. This could change though, with suggestions that Apple could start charging car producers for CarPlay support or even offer a paid upgrade for the newer version.


With the ‘Apple Car’ project now a thing of the past, it’s clear that Apple’s automotive future lies with the next-generation CarPlay. As the company continues to innovate and push the boundaries of in-car technology, it will be interesting to see how this new strategy unfolds and what it could mean for the future of the automotive industry.


Q1: What is Apple’s next-generation CarPlay?

A: It’s an advanced version of Apple’s infotainment system that runs on the iPhone and offers extended functionality, including control over car hardware like the climate system.

Q2: Which automakers have committed to the next-generation CarPlay?

A: Currently, only Porsche and Aston-Martin have committed to integrating this technology into their vehicles.

Q3: How is Android Automotive different from CarPlay?

A: Unlike CarPlay, which is run on the iPhone, Android Automotive is embedded in the vehicle at the factory. It is offered as an option by many major car manufacturers.

Q4: How does Apple plan to monetize CarPlay?

A: At present, Apple does not plan to monetize CarPlay. However, there are suggestions that they could start charging car producers for support or offer a paid upgrade for the newer version.

Q5: How will Apple’s shift to CarPlay affect the automotive industry?

A: This shift could potentially change the way automakers approach in-car technology and may lead to more bespoke infotainment systems tailored to specific brands or models.Apple Shifts Focus to CarPlay Strategy Following 'Apple Car' Project Deployment