Apple explains the iOS 17.5 glitch that displayed deleted pictures.

Apple explains the iOS 17.5 glitch that displayed deleted pictures.## Clarification on iOS 17.5.1 Bug by Apple

Apple, recently issued the iOS 17.5.1 update to tackle a bug that was causing previously deleted photos to reappear. Despite resolving the issue, users were left curious about the bug’s nature. Apple has since shed some light on the issue.

Details of the Bug

Apple explained that the photos didn’t return from iCloud Photos post-deletion from the local device. In fact, they were kept on the device itself. The tech company made it clear that these pictures were not left in or synced back to the cloud after being deleted. crucially, Apple did not have control over these deleted photos.

The bug involved a corruption issue in the database, causing photos marked for deletion to reemerge, given they were not entirely erased from the device.

Addressing the Worries of Users

Though Apple’s explanation details the basic issue, it doesn’t comprehensively tackle all specific cases users have shared on forums and Reddit. But Apple has offered further responses to these concerns.

For example, when users noted pictures appearing again on a different device than where they initially deleted them from, Apple attributed this to restoring from a backup that’s not iCloud Photos or a direct transfer between devices.

Reacting to a claim from a Reddit user that they had erased an iPad, sold it, and their friend found re-emerged photos, Apple indicated that if the user adhered to the right cleanup process for the device, this situation would be impossible.

Preserving User Trust

The bug has negatively affected perceptions and user trust towards Apple. Yet, it could’ve been significantly worse if it was tied with iCloud—involving deleted photos lingering on or uploaded back to Apple’s servers. However, according to 9to5Mac’s report of Apple’s disclosure, that wasn’t the situation.

This occurrence underlines the fact that a deleted file doesn’t necessarily cease to exist. This could be due to a glitch, the nature of storage technology, or even a purposeful decision on some other platforms.


Apple has addressed the bug causing the reappearance of deleted photos with the roll-out of iOS 17.5.1. Apple has offered an explanation for the bug—it was a result of a database corruption problem and not related to iCloud. Although user trust may have been shaken by this incident, it presents a useful lesson on the intricacies of data storage and deletion.

Questions and Answers

Q: What was responsible for the bug in iOS 17.5 that made deleted photos reappear?

A: A database corruption issue resulted in the bug, which kept photos slated for deletion within the local device storage.

Q: Were pictures that reappeared retrieved from iCloud?

A: No, they were not restored from iCloud. These photos remained stored on the device itself.

Q: Can the reappearance of deleted images happen on a different device?

A: This can only happen, according to Apple, if users restore from a backup not being iCloud Photos or if they carry out a direct transfer between devices.

Q: Is it possible for pictures that have reemerged to be found on a freshly wiped device?

A: According to Apple, this is not possible if the user uses the right procedure to erase the device.

Q: Can Apple access photos that have been deleted?

A: No, Apple doesn’t have access to pictures deleted by users.