Apple Backtracks on its Decision, Reinstates Epic Games’ iOS Developer Account in Europe

Apple Backtracks on its Decision, Reinstates Epic Games' iOS Developer Account in Europe## Apple Restores Epic Games’ Swedish iOS Developer Account in Europe

In an unexpected development, Apple has reinstated Epic Games’ Swedish iOS developer account. This action follows quickly after Epic Games announced Apple’s decision to revoke the account. This reinstatement opens up opportunities for Epic Games’ aspirations to release a sideloadable rendition of the Epic Games Store and Fortnite on iOS devices in Europe.

The U-turn of Decision

Apple’s recent statement starkly contradicts its earlier stance, where it blamed “Epic’s severe violation of its contractual obligations with Apple” as its reason for not trusting Epic’s assurance to comply with any new developer agreement. However, after dialogues with Epic, Apple confirmed that Epic has pledged to abide by the rules, encompassing Apple’s DMA policies. Consequently, Epic Sweden AB has been granted permission to renew the developer agreement and has been included in the Apple Developer Program.

A Renovated Regulatory Scenario

Apple’s swift response arrives just one day after the European Commission revealed its plan to initiate an inspection of Apple’s actions under the new Digital Markets Act (DMA) and other potential European regulations. Such an investigation could have resulted in harsh fines reaching up to “10 percent of Apple’s global turnover” had Apple been guilty of violations.

The DMA mandates obedience from companies, requiring them to accommodate an additional app store and to refrain from imposing a fee framework that eliminates the DMA’s benefits for all market players.

Epic’s Reaction

Epic, in an update on its official blog, associated Apple’s verdict to “public backlash for retaliation” and asserted that the entire episode “demonstrates a clear message to developers that the European Commission will move promptly to enforce the Digital Markets Act and bring gatekeepers to justice.”

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney praised Apple’s action on social media, expressing that “the DMA has just scored its first significant triumph” and labeled the move “a substantial victory for European rule of law, for the European Commission, and for the freedom of developers globally to challenge authority.”

The Wrap Up

Apple’s apparent withdrawl from the matter avoids what would have likely evolved into a protracted legal and publicity dispute between the two corporate behemoths. This skirmish was unfolding under the new enforcement scheme associated with Europe’s DMA regulations. Epic has stated that it intends to introduce the Epic Games Store on iOS in 2024.


Q1: What led to Apple’s reversal of its decision to revoke Epic Games’ Swedish iOS developer account?

A1: Epic Games’ pledge to abide by Apple’s rules, including its DMA policy, during a dialogue with Apple led to the reversal of Apple’s decision.

Q2: What were the potential ramifications for Apple for not complying with the new Digital Markets Act (DMA)?

A2: Apple could have been penalized with fines amounting to “10 percent of its global turnover” if it had violated the DMA.

Q3: How has Epic reacted to Apple’s decision?

A3: Epic has associated Apple’s verdict with “public backlash for retaliation,” and stated it shows that the European Commission will swiftly enforce DMA regulations and hold gatekeepers accountable.

Q4: When is the Epic Games Store slated to arrive on iOS?

A4: Epic has announced plans to launch the Epic Games Store on iOS sometime in 2024.