After a decade of sporadic development, Apple has halted its electric car project.

After a decade of sporadic development, Apple has halted its electric car project.## Apple Closes Electric Car Project After Ten Years

After ten years marked by inconsistent advancement, several changes in leadership, and countless leaks, Apple has allegedly ended its electric automobile project. This project, recognized within the company as Project Titan, had grand aspirations to create a luxurious electric vehicle with strong autonomous driving features and a minimum price tag of $100,000.

Project Titan’s Journey

The electric vehicle initiative started in 2014, with a set launch target of 2028. However, the project encountered multiple setbacks and alterations in course. Initially, the vehicle was designed to have Level 4 autonomous driving, but this was later downgraded to Level 2+. The project’s ambition progressively dwindled over time.

Apple’s top executives reportedly made the call to scrap the project in recent weeks. The leadership had concerns the car would not meet the profit targets initially set. This development has not shocked many who have been following the project closely, as its issues have been apparent for quite some time.

Shift of Attention to Generative AI Projects

With the closure of the electric car project, Apple is reassigning some staff to work on generative AI projects within the company. Employees who were involved in the car’s autonomous feature will be transitioned under AI head John Giannandrea to work on a variety of projects, including generative AI.

However, the future is uncertain for those who were working on different aspects of the car, like vehicle engineering and design. Reports suggest layoffs could be expected, but no specific details have been released.

Apple’s Future Growth Plans

Before Project Titan’s termination, Apple was known for investing in two significant expansions: one in the automotive industry and one in augmented reality. The first step toward the latter was launched a few weeks ago in the form of the Vision Pro headset.

Now with the car initiative scrapped, Apple’s identified future growth areas include mixed reality, wearable technology, and generative AI.


The closure of Apple’s electric car initiative signifies the end of a prolonged and ambitious project. While this decision may leave some disappointed, it also indicates a shift of focus to other innovative fields such as generative AI, mixed reality, and wearable technology. It will be exciting to see what new ventures Apple will undertake.

Questions and Answers

Q1: What was Project Titan?
A1: Project Titan was an in-house initiative by Apple to develop a luxurious electric automobile with autonomous driving functionality.

Q2: Why was the project terminated?
A2: The project was stopped due to profitability worries and the hefty startup costs related to launching a novel product in a challenging regulatory setting.

Q3: What will be the fate of the employees who participated in Project Titan?
A3: Some employees will be reassigned to work on generative AI projects within the company. But, for those who worked on different aspects of the car, the future is uncertain and layoffs are a possibility.

Q4: What are Apple’s future growth strategies?
A4: With the termination of the auto project, Apple’s identified future growth areas are mixed reality, wearable technology, and generative AI.

Q5: What does generative AI mean?
A5: Generative AI is a subtype of artificial intelligence capable of generating new content or models from existing data. Common applications are found in sectors such as art, music, and design.