6 Ways to Benefit From LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

LinkedIn Publisher, the publishing platform that’s built into the LinkedIn website, recently became available for all users of the business networking site.

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Frightening Facts About Enterprise Blogs

Everyone has access to publishing an enterprise blog, but are marketers creating interesting, engaging, and informative content that drives results?

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Crafting a Unique Brand Voice on Social Media

It’s easy to ape the voice of a successful brand on social media. But to succeed on social, you need to create your own, unique brand voice.

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20th Century Fox Creates Buzz with Mariachi My Tweets

20th Century Fox has created a fun, winning Twitter campaign with “Mariachi My Tweets.”

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Freebies for Brand Awareness

Just about any one can start a new business or acquire a an existing one. But it takes work to make that business successful. A good business owner develops good marketing plans to effectively brand their business. Business leaders have to decide the direction of the business and how to […]

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McDonald’s Takes a Stab at this “Authenticity” Thing

McDonald’s has had a tough couple of years. Can a new “authentic” ad campaign turn things around?

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Digital Secrets of Brand Name Law Firms

To succeed in marketing a law firm nowadays, you need to have great digital marketing. Here are some tips to help law firms get ahead on the Internet.

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5 Great (Real) Facebook Pages to Follow Today

Want to do Facebook right? Follow these five great Facebook pages to see how to do FB right.

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Native Advertising: 3 Horror Stories

As native advertising becomes more popular, more examples of how it can go horribly awry emerge. Here are some native advertising horror stories.

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Social Media and Social Change: The True Power of Social

These social movements are great examples of just how much social media is changing the world.

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