For NIVEA, a Picture’s Worth a Résumé

NIVEA’s Interngram challenged Instagram aficionados with the opportunity to win one of three internship positions in Europe.

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    American Airlines’ Twitter Threat: A Lesson in Community Management

American Airlines’ Twitter Threat: A Lesson in Community Management

American Airlines received a terrorist threat from a teen Twitter user. Their response was a perfect lesson in community management.

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Heartbleed for Marketers: What Do You Need to Do?

Heartbleed impacts 66% of all web sites. Learn what you need to do right now as a marketer to protect yourself and your clients.

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Facebook Enlarges, Limits Right-Hand Column Ads

Lately, bigger is better on Facebook, and the team is preparing to expand that philosophy to the network’s right-hand column ads.

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Authenticity Wins: 6 Brands Who Define Authentic

The age of fake is over. Consumers want you to be honest and authentic. Here are six brands who have mastered the art of authenticity.

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Facebook Messenger: Worth the Mandatory Download?

Facebook really wants you to download Facebook Messenger. So much so, that they are removing the chat option from the main Facebook iOS and Android apps.

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Keep an Eye on the Competition with Perch

If you’re a small business, the capabilities of the free app Perch can help you keep abreast of your local competition with just a few taps.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Programmatic Buying

Reining data in is still possible for the rest of us brave enough to tackle the fast-paced world of programmatic buying.

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HBO Go’s Sunday Night Crash: 4 Takeaways for Marketers

HBO was not prepared for the number of Game of Thrones viewers. Their servers crashed, causing angry viewers to turn to social media to vent their rage.

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Key Takeaways from Twitter’s New Layout

Pretty soon all Twitter users will see the new design on their own accounts. Here are the major points you need to know.

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