Crafting a Unique Brand Voice on Social Media

It’s easy to ape the voice of a successful brand on social media. But to succeed on social, you need to create your own, unique brand voice.

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20th Century Fox Creates Buzz with Mariachi My Tweets

20th Century Fox has created a fun, winning Twitter campaign with “Mariachi My Tweets.”

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Freebies for Brand Awareness

Just about any one can start a new business or acquire a an existing one. But it takes work to make that business successful. A good business owner develops good marketing plans to effectively brand their business. Business leaders have to decide the direction of the business and how to […]

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McDonald’s Takes a Stab at this “Authenticity” Thing

McDonald’s has had a tough couple of years. Can a new “authentic” ad campaign turn things around?

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Digital Secrets of Brand Name Law Firms

To succeed in marketing a law firm nowadays, you need to have great digital marketing. Here are some tips to help law firms get ahead on the Internet.

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5 Great (Real) Facebook Pages to Follow Today

Want to do Facebook right? Follow these five great Facebook pages to see how to do FB right.

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Native Advertising: 3 Horror Stories

As native advertising becomes more popular, more examples of how it can go horribly awry emerge. Here are some native advertising horror stories.

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Social Media and Social Change: The True Power of Social

These social movements are great examples of just how much social media is changing the world.

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How Cracked Became One of the Web’s Best Content Sites

Cracked went from print failure to digital success. How has Cracked become one of the best content sites in the world?

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Pinterest Scares Up Content With Halloween Pin Picks

With Pin Picks, Pinterest looks to curate its own content and build increase its value to brands and users alike.

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