The Essential Elements of Website Conversion Rates

How are your brand’s conversion rates? Are they good or bad? These are questions that every company or marketer should be asking themselves.

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Selling a Promise: How Car Manufacturers Built Their Brands

What lessons can small car dealers learn from big manufacturers and how can they apply them to their digital marketing?

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Hate Ads? Google Contributor Has Got Your Back

  People are always complaining about ads. Most people (especially young people) complain that there is too much advertising in their lives, and it’s too disruptive. This is particularly true on social media where ad-hate has lead to the creation of ad-free platforms like Ello. Digital 10,000 pound gorillas, Facebook, […]

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Optimizing Your Ecommerce Site for the Holidays

Get tips on optimizing your ecommerce platform to optimize your holiday sales this season.

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5 Digital and Social Media Marketing Trends

Learn the latest trends in social, content, and digital marketing that will affect your brand in the near future.

Why Sainsbury’s 2014 Christmas Ad Works

Why does Sainsbury’s “Christmas is for Sharing” work? We take a look.

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    #1MillionPatriots: When Social Media Automation Goes Really, Really Wrong

#1MillionPatriots: When Social Media Automation Goes Really, Really Wrong

As the New England Patriots Learned with their #1MillionPatriots Hashtag, social media automation can be very, very problematic.

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What Do Dr. Oz and Bill Cosby Have in Common?

What do Doctor Oz and Bill Cosby have in common? Social media controversy.

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What Keeps Brands From Making the Best Content Possible

What keeps brands from making the best content possible?

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Facebook’s News Feed Changes: How Should Brands React?

How can brands take advantage of Facebook’s recent news feed changes? By getting back to basics and making great content.

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