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Authenticity Wins: 6 Brands Who Define Authentic

The age of fake is over. Consumers want you to be honest and authentic. Here are six brands who have mastered the art of authenticity.

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Five Quick Tips to Improve Your Long-Form Content

These five quick tips will improve your long-form content.

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5 Ways to Integrate Traditional and Digital Content

Don’t abandon your traditional marketing efforts in favor of digital. Learn five ways you can integrate traditional and digital content.

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Getting Weird: 5 Delightfully Strange Content Campaigns

A strange content campaign is, often, a memorable one. Here are five brands that have done weird well.

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Take Your Content to the Next Level with Video Blogs

We are living in the golden age of the video blog. Video blogs, when they are done right, can be an integral part of your content marketing strategy.

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5 Essential Rules for Featuring Guest Bloggers

Guest blogs are great. They increase your network, create the opportunity for new collaborations and partnerships, and give you the chance to highlight some fresh faces who are bound to become thought leaders in their own right. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of “bloggers” out there looking for nothing […]

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    Social Film ‘The Beauty Inside’ Defiantly Engages Facebook Users

Social Film ‘The Beauty Inside’ Defiantly Engages Facebook Users

Intel & Toshiba present ‘The Beauty Inside’, a global social film by Drake Doremus that fully utilizes social media in a notable way. Content is created by the audience in what is being dubbed “Social Hollywood” with the entire story underscored by the Facebook community. The main character is Alex, […]

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The Return of Proper Grammar: Collaborative Online Editing

Since it is recommended that you audit your online presence for professional reasons, it makes perfect sense that websites are increasingly allowing users to edit their every word. Even so, I take pride in my misspellings and blame it on being a record-setting speed typist, but we could be onto […]

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    Three Ways to Bring More Readers to Your Brand’s Blog Posts

Three Ways to Bring More Readers to Your Brand’s Blog Posts

So many brands have integrated a blog into their online presence that it’s become more difficult to attract readers. Having intriguing and entertaining content isn’t enough to bring in an audience anymore. So, what can your brand do to help get your blog posts seen? Here are three things to […]

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