5 Creative Halloween Content Marketing Campaigns

To get you inspired for Halloween marketing campaigns, here are 5 spooky social and content campaigns from years passed.

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Vine Messages Introduces a New Tool for Brands

Much like its social app competitors, Vine Messages allows users to send private videos and messages to friends.

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Vine TV Ads Debut from Dunkin Donuts, Trident

The Dunkin Donuts and Trident Vine TV ads weren’t epic Super Bowl-worthy TV spots, but they showcase advantages Vine TV ads have over normal TV commercials.

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    Hollywood & Vines is Airbnb’s New Crowdsourced Film Project

Hollywood & Vines is Airbnb’s New Crowdsourced Film Project

The Airbnb team is already known for its content marketing brilliance and now they’re adding Vine to the promotion arsenal with Hollywood and Vines.

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Vine & Instagram Video Star in Nissan #VersaVid Contest

Vine and Instagram video have a combined age of just nine months, but both are already making waves in the world of social media promotions. So far we’ve seen plenty of creative contests on Vine, and now one brand is combining the forces of both video platforms for one contest. […]

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Donut Day Digital Showdown

Happy Donut Day, America. While New York is fully captivated in its love affair with the cronut, back here in the Midwest we’re still getting our jollies from the good old fashioned donut. In honor of this holiest of holidays, let’s take a look at how the brands of the […]

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6 Brands to Watch on Vine Now that Android’s On Board

On June 3 Vine invited Android users to join the 6-second looping video platform. The app has been available to iOS users since January 2013, and managing to acquire 13 million users in that short timeframe. Tech pundits are predicting that we’ll see a huge surge in signups now that […]

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Vine Contests for Brands: Tips & Examples

When Vine made its official debut this past January, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before brands started rolling out the six second video contests. Social competitions involving user-generated content are a a go-to tactic for brand engagement, and they’re not hard to come by on […]

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4 Brands Making Mini Marketing Masterpieces on Vine

A few weeks ago we featured three brands that were taking the challenge of Vine and creating fun, interesting, and brand-centric videos. Now that more brands have found their footing with the mini-vid network, we thought we would go searching for more brands that are using the space creatively and […]

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Optimizing App Store Screenshots

In January of 2013 Apple reported that the total number of apps available in the App Store clocked in around 775,000. That’s a boatload of apps and like it or not, getting iOS users to download your game, to-do list or what have you app over the next guy’s is no small […]

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