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3 Ways for Restaurants to Take Advantage of SMS Marketing

If you’re a restaurant looking to get more diners, but haven’t tried using a text-based marketing strategy, you and your customers are missing out. An incredible 98% of all SMS messages (and MMS messages) are opened, boasting higher open rates than email marketing. If email blasts aren’t giving you the kind of […]

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    Serving Customers with Local Promos Courtesy of Geotargeted Texts

Serving Customers with Local Promos Courtesy of Geotargeted Texts

Forget LivingSocial and Groupon, the latest in local promotion tools involves spurring conversion by serving customers geotargeted SMS messages. The brand sending out the texts simply asks customers to opt in, and then customers are served SMS-based promos when they’re within range of the business. Alternatively, customers can receive texts […]

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Marketing to Smartphone-Wielding Teens

When’s the last time you saw a teenager without a smartphone glued to their hand? A look around any American high school campus, mall or sidewalk suggests that teen smartphone use is on the rise — and now we’ve got the stats to prove it. A March 2013 report from […]

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Improve SMS Marketing Conversion with These 4 Simple Tweaks

Boasting much higher open rates than other forms of digital marketing, a whopping 98% of all SMS messages (and MMS messages) are opened. But getting people to open and read your texts doesn’t always guarantee that they will act on them. So, what can you do to boost your chances […]

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SMS Marketing 101

Alright, you’ve seen the benefits of having a SMS marketing campaign through examples set by other brands, and you’ve decided to adopt it for your own marketing strategy. The problem is, you’re really not sure how to get started. It might seem intimidating at first, but once you’ve got a […]

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Are Brands and Consumers Fully Embracing SMS Marketing?

Recent studies have determined that the opt-out rates for brands engaging in SMS marketing are low. Now, new data suggests that not only are consumers happy with SMS marketing, many would like to use texts as an alternate way to get in contact with the brand. Text Marketer recently embarked […]

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6 Brands Keeping In Touch With SMS Marketing

We’ve all experienced the spammy side of SMS – that 3am “FREE BEST BUY GIFT CARD” text with no choice to opt out. But there is actually a bright side to SMS marketing, led by brands using the platform to deliver legitimate deals and information to customers. Key Components of an SMS […]

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Opt Out Rates Low for Retail SMS Marketing

We sleep with them and panic when they’re out of sight. In the past couple of years, smartphones have become an increasingly personal device. This level of what we’ll call “device intimacy” means two things for marketers: first, consumers are more accesible than ever. Second, and more importantly, this form […]

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