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    Generic Top Level Domains Geotargetable Thanks to Google Update

Generic Top Level Domains Geotargetable Thanks to Google Update

If you’re a business operating out of a particular country, it makes sense that you would want to target users in that particular country. Country-specific top level domains (like already offer that geotargeting (customers in the U.K. are served search results that are also in the U.K.), but, as […]

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The “Do”s and “Don’t”s of SEO

The ever-changing nature of SEO can make search engine and content marketing difficult to conquer. To improve your odds, it’s better to embrace long-term improvements than to jump on trends that could be a detriment to your brand. What are some simple changes you can make to appeal to the […]

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    BrandYourself Gives You the Power to Control Your Own Search Results

BrandYourself Gives You the Power to Control Your Own Search Results

A while back, we mentioned that Bing was allowing users to link pages and accounts so that they would show up together in search results. Now is helping to improve your ranking in Google results, as well as promote the accounts you want promoted. The site is free and […]

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Bing’s Linked Pages Makes Social Search Easier

Bing has countered Google’s Search Plus Your World and made it easier for individuals to tie their account together for social search. Launched at the end of February, Bing’s Linked Pages allows users to modify search results so that all of their social accounts and related sites appear together when […]

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Want Stealthy Data on Websites? Honeybadger don’t care!

Thanks to our tech-heavy society, we have the luxury of having information immediately available to us whenever necessary. But sometimes we find ourselves wanting to dig deeper into a company without wanting to switch gears and navigate away from their homepage. Whether you’re an exec looking to brush up on […]

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White Paper: Landing Pages 101

As the measure of marketing performance shifts from soft metrics like awareness, reach and perception to precise measures of engagement, goal conversion and sales, CMOs are under the gun to produce tangible results in the digital space. In fact evidence is overwhelming that optimized landing pages generate more conversions than […]

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Search Engine Marketing: 2012 Predictions from lonelybrand

In the third installment of our four-part 2012 prediction series, we’ll take a look at what’s next for search engines and paid media on the web. 1. Quality of Content Google’s introduction of Panda 2 caused two things: discomfort among the SEO community and added emphasis on quality of content. For […]

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Mastering the Latest Google AdWords Features

Search engine marketing is one of the most important digital marketing projects a B2C or B2B brand can undertake. Be it a white paper, webinar or straight Ecommerce, search drives fresh blood down the path to conversion. If you use Google AdWords’ keyword tool to assist in strategic planning, you’ve […]

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Google Demands Landing Page Quality and Awards Compliance

As if you needed another reason to improve your landing page optimization. Google AdWords recently announced search algorithm tweaks that consider landing page quality when awarding juicy Quality Score goodness. It’s an attempt to improve user experience by maintaining quality and consistency among ads. Google wants to ensure that a good looking ad will […]

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Combining Search and Social for Superior Digital Results

The Search & Social 101 presentation below recently caught my attention. It does a great job of highlighting the growing relationship between search engine marketing/optimization and social engagement. Check it out then read my commentary after the jump.   You knew I wasn’t just going to leave it at that right? At […]

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