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+Post Ads Roll Out to Google Plus Users, Advertisers

The Google Plus team announced that users with more than 1,000 followers now have the ability to create +Post Ads.

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How to Remove a Google Plus Page Manager

If you’ve had a team member part ways, you probably need to remove them as a Google Plus manager. We’ll walk you through the simple process.

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Finally! Google Plus Vanity URLs Roll Out to Users

Accessing company and personal profiles is (finally) much easier with Google Plus vanity URLs.

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Timing+ Helps You Identify Your Best Times for Google Plus

The amount of tools and reports available for Google plus are still somewhat limited. How can you determine your best post times? Enter Timing+.

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    Introducing YouTube Google Plus Comments (And Why They Matter)

Introducing YouTube Google Plus Comments (And Why They Matter)

We’ve summarized the three big changes the YouTube Google Plus comments will bring, and have laid out exactly how they’ll benefit your brand.

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Google Plus Introduces Embeddable Posts, Author Attribution

Taking a cue from social giants like Facebook and Twitter, Google Plus is now allowing users to embed public posts into other sites. Google Plus also updated author attribution.

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Where We Share Content: Consumers vs. Brands

You can’t spend too much time on TechCrunch without running into metrics like time on site and unique monthly visits. While both of these measures are valuable to the platforms themselves, they don’t tell brands a whole lot about what consumers actually do on the platform; important engagement behaviors such […]

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    Build Google Plus Following from Your Website with These New Plugins

Build Google Plus Following from Your Website with These New Plugins

How often do you visit your dusty old Google Plus profile? Even with Google’s handy dandy multiple accounts feature, I navigate to my G+ feed let’s see…approximately never (outside work duties, of course). And social media is my job. That means we can’t exactly expect normal folk to navigate there […]

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3 Ways Burberry’s “Kisses” Spurs User Engagement

Burberry and Google caught tech writers’ and marketers’ attention a couple of weeks ago when they introduced their joint “Kisses” project. The app/site allows users to capture their own kisses via a webcam or touchscreen device and then send them with a personalized message to loved ones. It’s a clever […]

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    3 Steps To Take Before Implementing Gmail’s Google Plus Widget

3 Steps To Take Before Implementing Gmail’s Google Plus Widget

If your brand still has an active presence on Google Plus, we have great news. Google recently introduced the Google Plus widget as a Gmail feature. The widget culls information and content from your brand’s Google Plus page and highlights it next to messages sent from the brand or business’s […]

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