Frightening Facts About Enterprise Blogs

Everyone has access to publishing an enterprise blog, but are marketers creating interesting, engaging, and informative content that drives results?

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Take Your Content to the Next Level with Video Blogs

We are living in the golden age of the video blog. Video blogs, when they are done right, can be an integral part of your content marketing strategy.

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Write Blog Comments for Customers, Not Search Engines

While blog commenting has lost its appeal as a tool for SEO’ers to build links and win search engines, the allure is still there. The strategy just needs to be reworked for 2013.

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Licensed vs. Unlicensed Content Curation

Content curation for owned media is a great way to fill your brand’s content pipeline. There are two distinct approaches to content curation for owned media: unlicensed and licensed.

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Blogger Outreach 101

Product reviews, interviews and guest posts are all great opportunities to spread the word about your brand. They’re also great ways to make valuable connections with bloggers that fit in with and speak to your target audience. Unfortunately, there are thousands of bloggers out there who get approached every day […]

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3 Tips for Incorporating Calls to Action in Blog Posts

We know that having a call to action can improve engagement on social and encourage conversion on landing pages. But what about content marketing? Can your blog posts benefit from including a simple call to action? According to HubSpot’s Dan Zarrella, it’s a resounding yes. Using a dataset of 50,000+ […]

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10 Things to Look for When Editing A Blog Post

Do you know what to look out for when editing content for the web? Regardless of whether it’s for a first time guest poster or a longtime coworker, there are a handful of things you should always look out for before pressing publish. 1. Spelling, grammar, etc. This one is […]

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Bring New Buzz to Old Content with These Promo Tactics

Evergreen content is not only a good way to bring people to your site and your blog months after it’s published, it’s also a good way to boost traffic to your site in other ways. How? By sharing the quality content you already have to new audiences. Get your content […]

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The Inside Source Gives eBay New Life in Content Marketing

Content marketing is more than just blogging about the services your brand provides, or the products you produce. You need to create compelling content that actually appeals to and resonates with your target audience — something that they will want to turn to on a weekly or, even, daily basis. […]

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5 Essential Rules for Featuring Guest Bloggers

Guest blogs are great. They increase your network, create the opportunity for new collaborations and partnerships, and give you the chance to highlight some fresh faces who are bound to become thought leaders in their own right. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of “bloggers” out there looking for nothing […]

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