Create a B2B Pinterest Strategy with These 4 Tips

Pinterest brings to mind pins of recipes and fashion tips, but B2B brands can actually use it to promote their content. We’ve got four great tactics to help you build a B2B Pinterest strategy.

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Dealing with the 3 Big Challenges for B2B Content Marketers

Content marketing is essential for B2B brands. It’s an excellent way for brands to establish their expertise in a given industry and then acquire leads because of it, but it can seem like an overwhelming addition to a team with an already demanding workload. According to recent research, it’s affecting […]

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Visual Content Overtakes Written in B2B Content Marketing

When it comes to B2B content marketing, video is beginning to shove white papers out of the spotlight. According to a new B2B Content Marketing Report sponsored by Spice Works, B2Bers are in need for more interactive, easily digestible content. As a result, YouTube is growing and Facebook is declining in […]

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5 Ways to Use LinkedIn’s New Rich Media Updates

At the beginning of May LinkedIn made it possible for users to share rich media including images, documents and presentations via their profile. And as we close out the month, the professional network has debuted a feature that lets users share those rich media items as updates right on the homepage. […]

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    B2B Brands: Assert Your Expertise, Gather Leads with Virally

B2B Brands: Assert Your Expertise, Gather Leads with Virally

There are many effective ways to gather leads for a brand. You can create a newsletter, hold a giveaway or set up a loyalty program. But one of the most effective tactics for B2B brands remains offer quality content, like a webinar or white paper, that users can download for […]

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    B2B Print Publications: Thing of the Past or Wave of the Future?

B2B Print Publications: Thing of the Past or Wave of the Future?

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in online content marketing that we forget where it all originated: good old-fashioned print. The vast majority of device-wielding Millennials will tell you that print is dead, but a second look tells us that may not be true. Niche magazines can actually be the […]

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    Steer Clear of These Subject Lines for B2B & B2C Email Marketing

Steer Clear of These Subject Lines for B2B & B2C Email Marketing

The biggest challenge of email marketing is creating an interesting subject line that actually intrigues readers enough to make them open your message. Of course, depending on whether you’re a B2B brand or a B2C brand, the words you use in your subject line can make or break your attempt. […]

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5 Landing Page Tips for Complex Products

Building a landing page for a complex product or service requires more than seemingly unrelated fun and games. College degrees and pricey B2B software aren’t one and done purchase decisions because visitors will understandably require extensive information before taking that next step. In these scenarios the landing page experience will not result in an […]

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Photos Significantly Boost Facebook Engagement

Talk of the rise of visual social media is everywhere these days. Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram each have an inherent visual quality that Internet users flock to. And between cover photos and Timeline, Facebook is trending visual, too. But who’s to say that embracing this new “visual social media” really drives […]

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4 Types of Content That Build Value for Brands

On day number two of SES Chicago we made a point to stop Lee Odden‘s session, Optimizing B2B Content Across the Sales Cycle. Odden covered a number of insightful B2B content strategies, including a look at the various types of content marketers can use to build interest, drive traffic and ultimately, create value […]

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