The Best Sous Vide Machine for Kitchen Perfectionists

Sous vide cooking is the hottest trend for gadget-driven chefs the world over. We evaluate the Anova Precision Sous Vide Cooker and end up creating the best steak we have had at home. It’s no secret sous vide is hot right now. It’s an odd idea to bag and cook […]

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How to Turn On Instagram Post Notifications

Instagram Post Notifications are leaving users wondering what will happen to their accounts Instagram is beginning to turn off the reach spigot, leaving many wondering how their followers will be affected. That’s a tough sell to many Instagram rock stars who have built massive followings – and sometimes careers – […]

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Experiential Marketing Is More Than Just Another Buzzword

Many people dismiss experiential marketing as just another industry buzzword or passing fad. How can experiential marketing work for your brand?

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Brands That Release Free Online Tools Get Noticed

It seems that nearly every company has free online tools for their fans. How can you create free online tools that people will actually notice?

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Chili’s Scores with Goal Face, a World Cup-Themed App

Novelty photo apps are tricky business, even when you have a large brand behind them. This is something that Chili’s understood while creating Goal Face.

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Brace Yourselves, Facebook Algorithm Changes are Coming

Implicit app posts are on their way out and explicit app post are on their way in, all thanks to a Facebook algorithm change. Here’s what you need to know.

14 Business Apps You NEED

For those struggling to understand how beneficial smartphones can be for their company, here are some apps you need to try.

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Mashable Leans on Social Snowball Effect for New App

Mashable dedicated entire teams and budgets to build and integrate the Velocity algorithm, but your brand can take advantage of the social snowball effect, too.

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Jay-Z App Debacle Highlights Mobile Privacy Concerns

Samsung and Jay-Z joined forces to break ground on the mobile music front. What they probably didn’t expect was to stir up a Big Brother controversy. Last week Samsung Galaxy owners were invited to download the Magna Carta app in order to unlock one of a million free early releases […]

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How to Write Effective Mobile Survey Questions

CAPI software (Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing) and mobile survey apps have had a profound and revolutionary effect on the survey data collection profession, rendering phone and door-to-door surveys all but irrelevant. For brands, mobile surveys are a convenient and low cost way to collect customer data that can be used to […]

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