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5 Apps for Coffee Lovers

We love coffee almost as much as we love iPhones. Or maybe vice versa. Anyway, here are five apps that bring the two together in sweet, sweet iPhone-coffee harmony. For the home brewer: Intellgentsia Hometown favorite Intelligentsia has a handy app for home brewing hints. In the brewing guide, find […]

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LinkedIn Takes a Look at 2012’s Most In-Demand Employers

Earlier this month, LinkedIn unveiled its list of the most in-demand employers around the world for 2012. Culled from data from LinkedIn’s 175 million+ users, the site took a look at the 100 most influential employers by continent, country and industry, giving some interesting insight into who uses LinkedIn and […]

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Spooky Silents: Part One

With pop-up costume shops appearing overnight all over the city, it’s clear that Halloween is quickly approaching. While many networks are celebrating by launching their own Halloween-themed marathons, why not give yourself a spooky, silent Halloween with some classic scary silent films? Here are a few to get you started. […]

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Tablets in the Kitchen: 5 iPad Recipe Apps

Last week we covered five apps for eating out to help you discover new places to dine. But if you’re more of an aspiring-Rick Bayless type, you’ll want to try these five iPad recipe apps. 1. Gilt Taste Free for iPad Gilt Taste has mastered the art of keeping messy cooking hands off […]

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Eating Out? Try These 5 Restaurant Finder Apps

Ready to stray from your personal food norms and get a bit adventurous with restaurant choices? This selection of free apps will help you explore new cuisine types, browse reviews and make reservations all in a matter of minutes. FoodSpotting In this unofficial era of visual social media, sepia-filtered food pictures […]

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5 Apps For Surviving The Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon is one of the best running events in the world. Part of the World Marathon Majors, the race attracts some of the world’s top talent. And then there are the rest of us, who have trained all summer just to cross the finish line. I’ll be running […]

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Silent Film and the Keyboard Art Pioneers

Fans of silent film were just as devoted to their favorite stars as we are today. In fact, a couple of fans from the era took their devotion to a new level, pioneering a kind of art that wouldn’t gain true popularity until the 1970s. Keyboard art (commonly known today […]

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Kickstarter Projects Prep For the iPhone 5

Despite some humorous jabs about the design of the iPhone 5 and what future models will look like, and the outcry over the iOS 6 version of the Maps app, eager buyers showed up early to camp out at Apple Stores across the country in anticipation of today’s release. The […]

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Google Takes a Closer Look at Summer Searches

Summer is coming to an end and with it, so are the Google searches for summer hot spots, family vacation ideas and everything that goes with them. Ever wonder what preoccupies Googlers around the world during the summer months? Google found out, with a little help from its Maps feature, […]

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Top Picks for Social Media Week Chicago 2012

With over 70 awesome events planned from September 24-28, we can hardly wait for the excitement that is Social Media Week Chicago. In fact, there is so much great content in the works this year that it would be physically impossible to make every session. That’s why we put together […]

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